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About The Regenerative Alliance

We are in a crisis, both socially and environmentally.  We need to think bigger and come together and bold in a way that is as bold as the moon landing.   

We need a regenerative movement.  A community of regenerative weavers who can come together to collaborate, amplify, fund, and support each other as we move Earth towards regeneration.

Our purpose is simple; To Heal Earth.  Our mission is to create a regenerative community that supports and amplifies regenerative ideas and activities.  Our vision is a generative Earth that is self-supporting and self-sustaining for all.  

We don’t have all the answers, we have an idea, just the seed of an idea, that needs a community to shape it.  To build a regenerative movement we need to start with a community of dreamers, doers, and weavers.

We are at the very beginning of our regenerative journey and we would like you to join us.  Click the request to join button above and become a co-creator and join other weavers to shape The Regenerative Alliance.

A Web of Regenerators

Using nature to guide us, we will create a web of regenerative weavers that will collaborate to advance the UN Sustainability Development Goals in a regenerative way.

There are many examples of wonderful impact work, we just have to look at permaculture, Transition Towns, doughnut economics, circular economy, social enterprise, and many other initiatives.  They work in siloes creating isolated impact, while the future collective impact.

As a Member Cooperative, The Regenerative Alliance will be owned and managed by our members.  It's time we embed democracy, equality, and justice into our operations and not treat them as an addon.  The membership fee you pay as a member would be used equally in two ways:

1.  Support the operations and the development of the Alliance so we can provide an ecosystem that supports our members. (50% of membership fees)

2.  To fund regenerative activities and initiatives our members are working on.  (50% of membership fees)

So what is the membership fee?  We don't know yet, we are in the co-creation phase.  

Members will have access to a directory using the SDGs framework to encourage cross-pollination, collaboration, and collective impact.  The directory will become a resource for members and the general public who wish to spend their money with impactful brands.

Investing in Each Other

Just like the forest invests in its resilience through the shedding of organic matter, we too will invest in regenerative initiatives. 50% of all membership fees will be allocated to a Regenerative Fund, so we can invest in each other for collective impact. 

Philanthropy needs to be democratized so we can all participate in funding regenerative initiatives.  Currently, impact investment and funding create an environment of competition.  What if it created an environment of collaboration, where members fund members?  Members collaborating with members for collective impact.

We don't know how the fund will work, that's why we need you.  To contribute to the process to ensure it is democratic, collaborative, just, and life-giving.  

How amazing would it be if we were to become that world's largest democratic regenerative fund?  

Learning & Growing Together

Just as baby animals learn from their experienced elders we can learn about what it is to be regenerative from those leading the way.

One of the key principles of a cooperative is education, what if we delivered that through a certification process.  Members living and working regenerative will lead the way and share their knowledge and skills so we can all move towards regeneration.

We use the world certification, but it may be something else, we are in a co-creation process.  We are looking for a way to move away from greenwashing so our community can have confidence that they are supporting true regenerative activities.  

Time to stop the greenwashing and greenwishing and build trust through transparency so we can support genuine regenerative activities.

Your Invitation

The Regenerative Alliance is a big hairy audacious goal also known as a BHAG.  The world needs BHAGs or as John Elkington calls them ‘Green Swans’.  BHAGs start with an idea and that is just what The Regenerative Alliance is, a seed of an idea.

Once again using nature to guide us, seeds need the right conditions to germinate and grow.  We are at the germination stage, searching for the right conditions for the essence of the seed to break open and commence growing. Those conditions are our co-creators.

We are inviting you to join our regenerative community and participate in the co-creation process.  It might be a bit messy and a little unstructured but in the unknowns, we find the magic.  This is an experiment, it might not work, but if it does, WOW, the impact could be incredible.  

To facilitate the initial co-creative process we are using the Mighty Networks platform to gather, connect and start having conversations on what is regenerative across the UN SDGs and what we would like for The Regenerative Alliance.

We are looking for diverse groups of people and organizations that will come together to share their wisdom and germinate this seed of an idea.

Request to join, share what you think a healed Earth would look like.  Then start connecting and contributing to this bold idea.  The potential of the alliance is up to us.

Check out our presentation, share it with your network.  Invite others to participate and co-create.

The Regenerative Alliance – Healing the Planet Together.pdf

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